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cookie corn

$ 6.50

What is Cookie Corn?

We pop up the plumpest corn we can find, cover it with homemade caramel, roll it in cookie crumbs and bake it until it’s crisp & crazy delicious.

Each flavor of Cookie Corn has its own unique caramel to match the cookie crumbs.  Our Churro Cookie Corn is covered in a cinnamon caramel, topped with Churro Cookie crumbs, and given a final sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar.  Peanut Butter-Candy Bar Cookie Corn has a peanut butter carmel, lots of Peanut Butter-Candy Bar Cookie Crumbs, and a ton of crushed Butterfingers (because, why not?).

This just might be the best thing you’ve never had before.


Sold in 4 oz tubes (also available in mini, 2.5 oz tubes by request).

These make great party favors or marketing tools - send us your artwork or logo and we can create a custom label.