build a box

As much as we wish you could come visit us in Santa Monica we do realize that might not always be possible...thankfully, our "build-a-box" feature will let you fill your boxes just as though you were picking right out of our cookie case (we only wish we could figure out a way to get the warm cookie smell to waft from your computer!).

what is cookie corn?

We pop up the plumpest corn we can find, cover it with homemade caramel, roll it in cookie crumbs and bake it until it’s crisp & crazy delicious.                          

Each Cookie Corn has it’s own unique caramel to match the cookie crumbs: the Churro Cookie Corn has a cinnamon caramel, our Churro Cookie Cookie crumbs and sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar. 

This just might be the best thing you’ve never had before.