You know that feeling when you take your first bite of a cookie? When you crunch through that crisp exterior and get to the chewy often chocolaty center; when the buttery, slightly salty sweetness hits your tongue? It’s just an instant but suddenly your brain is flooded, senses over-loaded and without even being aware, you find yourself smiling. That’s what we call feeling “Cookie Good”.

We take that feeling one step further, working hard to make cookies that not only taste amazing but also feed your soul; that make you remember something wonderful – the gooey, toasted, marshmallowy treat you ate around a campfire, that favorite childhood cereal you only got when your dad went to the market, your grandmother’s once-a-year-apple pie...

Cookie Good: it’s how you wanna feel.

about our cookies & bars

We only use the best ingredients in all of our baked goods - chocolates from Callebaut & Van Leer, Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, AA sweet creamery butter.

Our regular-sized cookies weigh 48 grams (that’s 1¾ oz) – we know this because we weigh each and every dough ball. When baked, they measure about 2 ½- 3 inches across (it depends on how much stuff is packed into each cookie). Our larger-sized cookies are about 78 grams (2¾ oz) and measure about 3 ½ inches across.

Our bars are 2 ¼ by 2 ¼ - yes, we use a ruler to cut each one.

about our bakery

After a few years of baking thousands of cookies at home with only a 6-quart mixer and a single oven, we decided to move to a commercial kitchen. In just 5 hours a day, 4 days a week, we baked and baked and baked. As the business grew, we knew it was finally time to take the biggest leap of all – building our own bakery. We found the perfect spot in Santa Monica – a small, 1930s brick building right across the street from a park with palm trees, lawn bowling, and a duck pond.

Our goal was to create a space that was fun and familiar, yet clean and new; where the smiles of the people working behind the counter were as warm and inviting as the incredible smell of cookies baking inside; where kids and curious grown-ups could walk up to a glass wall and peer into the 40 quart mixer churning out batch after batch of dough. After months and months (and months!) of construction, we finally got there. We love our shop and our new bakery family, and we hope you’ll come visit us all sometime soon.

about us

about ross

For years I was a “writer who bakes”. I’d spend my days in coffee shops writing screenplays, tv shows. Each day was an emotional rollercoaster as I struggled to find self-worth while being mocked by blank pages. But, relief came on weekends and holidays when I’d get into the kitchen and make cookies. I love that you can take lots of different, totally unrelated ingredients, mix them together, nurture them just a little bit and come out with something wonderful, edible and delicious. I realized that I rarely got that feeling of complete satisfaction while sitting at my computer and I knew that I wanted to feel “cookie good” more often. As luck would have it, Hollywood writers went on strike in 2007 and now, with no source of income, Melanie suggested it was time for a career change. We perfected my cookie & brownie recipes, sent an email out to family and friends and three minutes later we had our first order (in truth, it was for my best friend but I still think it counts). We’ve been baking, shipping, developing new flavors and feeling “cookie good” ever since.

Ross Canter

P.S. - I still write. I still struggle with blank pages at Starbucks– the only difference is that now I think of myself as a "baker who writes."

about melanie

Unlike Ross, the baker who writes, I don’t bake or write. But luckily after 33 years of marriage, 31 years of parenting, birthday parties & holidays galore, I can wrap a mean gift so we make a great team in the bakery.

On a deeper note, Cookie Good isn’t just about delicious cookies and pretty packaging. It’s about our family’s struggle to find our passion in life and our ability to survive; it’s about our desire to give back and make an impact on this crazy world – and having lived with breast cancer for the past 29 years, surviving is something our family knows a lot about. So in 2007, when presented with a sink or swim situation, we decided to dive in and combine Ross’ passion for baking and my quest to give back in the hope that Cookie Good might somehow make the world a better place – even if it’s just one cookie at a time. Besides supporting many schools and charities year-round, every May (in honor of Mother's Day) and October (for Breast Cancer Awareness Month) we donate proceeds from our cookies to the Breast Cancer Care & Research Fund, an organization that is very close to our hearts.

We hope you love our cookies, but even more importantly, we hope that Cookie Good will remind you that when life gives you a writer’s strike, you bake; and that feeling Cookie Good is about a lot more than just eating cookies.

Melanie Canter
Baker's Wife/Co-Founder

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