WE'RE BACK... and so happy to be baking for you again!
One note if you're planning on shipping cookies: due to the pandemic, there have been delays in both UPS and USPS - please know that it may take longer than expected for your cookies to arrive.

lemon pound cake

$ 25.00

price per dozen


What'd we miss? Mother's Day

When you’re stuck at home for 12 weeks and every day feels exactly the same, how do you make Mother’s Day special for Cookie Good’s matriarch? Trap her upstairs for the entire morning while you make her an elaborate surprise bagel breakfast, surprise-learn Mahjong, and transform the house into a surprise game hall, of course. (We did this. It was great. 10/10 would recommend.) The look of surprise on her face when we finally let her downstairs was, one could say, the icing on the (lemon pound) cake…

And now, about this cookie:

This bright, lemony cookie has a puckeringly sweet lemon glaze and pays homage to all of the lemon loaves mothers have been baking for decades.  In truth, this is an homage to other mothers since neither of ours has ever baked us a cake.