WE'RE BACK... and so happy to be baking for you again!
One note if you're planning on shipping cookies: due to the pandemic, there have been delays in both UPS and USPS - please know that it may take longer than expected for your cookies to arrive.

rainbow sprinkle cookie

$ 25.00

price per dozen


What'd we miss? Pride Month

This past June marked 50 years since the very first LGBTQ+ Pride parade in New York City! Ever since the Stonewall Uprising in 1969, when people took to the streets to retaliate against police violence, homophobia, and unlawful discrimination, our LGBTQ+ siblings have fought and died for equal rights. Pride Month gives the community a space to celebrate themselves for exactly who they are - and all they’ve contributed to making this world a better, fairer, and beautifully intersectional place.

And now, about this cookie:

This soft and chewy cookie has a hint of lemon (not so much that you'd call it a "lemon cookie" but just enough to make it taste bright and buttery) and is covered in crunchy rainbow nonpareils.