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coconut cake blondie

$ 27.00

price per dozen


What'd we miss?  Weddings

Some people dream about their wedding their whole lives. So, when faced with the devastating mandate to cancel the "big day" they'd spent months (or years) planning, couples quickly found a plan B.  Some postponed for (hopefully) healthier times, others simply eloped, and a whole lot held their ceremonies through Zoom because nothing, not even a worldwide virus, can stand in the way of true love... or a really pretty, multi-tiered cake.

Now, about this blondie:

Our new blondie hopes to bring you the wedding cake (and celebration) that you missed. This dense, buttery, coconutty, slightly almondy bar has a little crumbled white chocolate tossed in and is topped with vanilla icing, more flaky coconut, and a sprinkle of white sparkly sugar.

I don't know about you but I definitely say "I do" to this one.  (I'm not even kidding - I just ate two as I was typing this blurb.)

(To be fair, the pieces were a little small.) 

(And I'm a very slow typer.)