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coffee-toffee macaroon (gf)

$ 27.00

price per dozen


What'd we miss?  Passover

2020 introduced many Jewish families to the "Zoom Passover" - where families and friends gathered as little squares on computer screens at the end of the Seder table. It kind of reminded me of the "Sabbath Prayer" scene in Fiddler On The Roof where clusters of families all light the candles and say their prayers across the stage.  And, while we missed being together in person, there was deep, emotional satisfaction seeing this and knowing that, all over the country, really all over the world, families were doing exactly the same thing - and not letting a global pandemic stop them from celebrating, from being together, and from eating brisket. 

And now about this cookie...

We had no idea that coconut, coffee and Heath Bar bits could be such an insanely delicious combination. And even though it only appears on our menu during Passover, we have customers requesting this one all year long.