WE'RE BACK... and so happy to be baking for you again!
One note if you're planning on shipping cookies: due to the pandemic, there have been delays in both UPS and USPS - please know that it may take longer than expected for your cookies to arrive.

s'morth of july

$ 25.00

price per dozen


What'd we miss?  4th of July

Many of us missed out on the big 4th of July BBQ this year.  

I think we grilled hot dogs.  It's still kind of a blur.  But, what we missed (almost more than our group of family & friends), was toasting marshmallows over the last of the embers and making s'mores.

So, as a belated celebration, we tossed a few red, white, and blue sprinkles & stars into our graham crackery-milk chocolatey S'mores cookie dough and invented (what our daughter aptly named) The S'morth of July.